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“EDC is like being in a big and beautiful bowl of fruity loops. Colorful, and tasty.” Said Fisher after playing the Kinetic Field at Electric Daisy Carnival. Once again the Las Vegas motor speedway had turned into a mini city filled with glowing lights. Pulling in over 100,000 attendees a night, EDC once again showcased their ability to draw in massive crowds. Dj snake actually made a point to get on the microphone and let everyone know that “EDC is way better than Tomorrowland, for real, f*** Tomorrowland.” Aside from that fact that EDC has successfully continued to make a name for themselves not only as a festival but as a brand, there were some key performances and special guest appearances during this historic run at EDC that left the crowds speechless, and the Djs, well, some got pretty emotional.

The main stage, known as the Kinetic Field, is a marvel of modern day technology and artistic design. Able to hold over 70,000 people, the kinetic field is definitely the spot DJs want to be playing at. If your name is on the lineup to throw down on this stage, feel free to pat yourself on the back because you have made it! There were a few notable moments on this stage during Electric Daisy Carnival’s 2024 rendition on the Las Vegas motor speedway. One of which being John Summit going back to back with Green Velvet on the final day of the iconic dance music festival.

Green Velvet, or “The Chicago house legend” as referred to by John Summit is not only a staple for house music artists from chicago but also acted as the musical inspiration for the worlds #1 Dj, John Summit.“He went to the same school as me, and kinda had a similar career. He’s everything you want to be as a chicago Dj,” Summit says in an interview with Zane Lowe. Fast Forward 5 years and now they were teaming up to play a back 2 back set at the Kinetic Field. For John Summit, this had to have been a full circle moment, which is why he started to break down amidst dropping his newest ID “Go Back” alongside Green Velvet who took a hold of him and shared a moment with him expressing how happy he was for John. 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it’s just Fred again making a guest appearance at the circuit grounds during EDC in Las Vegas. The fans waited patiently once it was announced that there would be a special guest performance. Once they heard the uproar of ambient noise coming from the speakers, some people started to get an idea as to what was coming. Next thing you know, Fred again opens with an extended mix of “We’ve lost dancing” and continues to rinse the crowd with his songs both old and new for an hour and a half. This set seemed to be one of the more memorable moments from this year’s EDC. 

Having not been able to attend the festival this year, I couldn’t describe the jealousy I felt upon waking up to instagram stories of Mau p, Sarah Landry, and John Summit going back to back at 7:40 in the morning on Saturday. This stuck out to me because it showcases the artists that EDC can bring together. Sarah Landry has dug herself deep into the world of Techno and hardstyle dance music, while John Summit and Mau p are more focused on house, and melodic tracks. EDC has made a name for itself as a place for DJs to unite to create innovative ideas that contribute to the world of electronic dance music.

Overall, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las vegas was a success. Continuing to showcase its extensive attraction and pull to Edm fans around the world, EDC is here to stay, and i think i can speak for us all when i say that i am beyond excited for what’s to come from Edc in the future and whether or not  artists will continue to innovate and adapt to the different crowds and large scale stages. 

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