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This post has been written by Rose Gold Presents. Welcome to Rose Gold Presents – NYC’s premier event production company! Create unforgettable NYC nightlife experiences in the top clubs, bars, and rooftops of NYC, as well as on boats and lounges.


We are experts in event production

We at Rose Gold Presents are proud to be the experts in event production for New York City nightlife. Our experienced professionals make sure that each detail of our events is meticulously planned and executed. We can bring elegance and excitement to any event, whether it is an intimate gathering on a chic rooftop bar or a large concert in a premier venue.

Have built our reputation on the ability to turn ordinary spaces into exceptional NYC nightlife experiences. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their vision, and then bring it to reality. Rose Gold Presents is able to handle everything with flair and precision, from the selection of the ideal venue to the coordination and management of entertainment.

Weekly Events in NYC Summer

Our summer season is jam-packed with five events each Saturday. Our events are a part of the vibrant summertime in NYC. Imagine watching the sunset from a rooftop, with a breathtaking view of the skyline. Or dancing under the stars. Here are just some of the memorable experiences we can create.

Our summer events capture the energy of the city, and offer a variety of entertainment options. We offer multiple events each Saturday at different venues to ensure there is something for everyone. Rose Gold Presents can provide you with a relaxed evening of live music, or an energetic dance party featuring top DJs.

Concerts at a Large Scale with Top Stars

Rose Gold Presents has a reputation for hosting concerts with some of the most famous names in music. Our stages have been graced by artists like Dom Dolla and John Summit, who deliver electrifying performances which leave the audience wanting more. These concerts are more than just an event; they’re experiences that create lasting memories and bring people together.

We strive to make our concerts more than just shows. Every element, from the state-of-the art sound and lighting system to immersive visual displays is carefully curated in order to enhance the overall performance. Our commitment to innovation and quality sets us apart, and makes our concerts the highlight of NYC nightlife scene.

All-Season entertainment

Our parties are not just for summer; they’re all year round! Rose Gold Presents has events all year round, even though summer is the peak season. Winter events can be just as thrilling, with their cozy indoor venues and holiday-themed themes. Outdoor events in spring and fall are a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Rose Gold Presents will deliver unforgettable entertainment no matter what the season. We constantly strive to innovate, and to bring new ideas to our events. This ensures that our guests have exciting and novel experiences to look forward to.


Take a look at NYC’s vibrant nightlife

Rose Gold Presents, the company at its heart, is responsible for New York City’s vibrant nightlife. Our events showcase the best that the city has on offer. From trendy rooftop bars offering stunning views to exclusive boats parties with a unique perspective on the skyline, our events aim to show off the best. We combine the best DJs, performers and entertainers for nights that will be remembered forever.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the event itself. Our guests’ comfort and safety is our top priority. We ensure that each event is professionally organized and managed. Our team is committed to providing excellent service and creating an environment where everyone can relax and have fun.

Enjoy the Unforgettable Experience with Us

We at Rose Gold Presents believe that every day should be a celebration have events for every occasion, whether you are celebrating a special event or just looking for an enjoyable night out. We have a diverse range of events to ensure that you’ll never be bored. Our commitment to quality will make sure that your experience is memorable.

We create events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to massive productions. Our passion and attention to details are the same for every event. We want to give our guests an experience they will remember for many years.

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Rose Gold Presents is committed to creating experiences that will bring people together, and celebrate the joys of life. Discover why we are NYC’s premier event production company. We will make your event unforgettable!